BRENNAN, Tony: ‘A Beauty that Catches’


Tony Brennan has assembled a compelling chorus of voices in this collection. With a steady eye and a curious heart, he bears witness across a wide range of poetic forms and styles. The result is a passionate mosaic: rich with both the messy business of living, the innate joys of wondering and coloured by all the stages in between.

Cameron Hindrum

Some writers make us fall in love with life, all over again, when we most need it, and we carry their words within us. These words become the beauty that catches and help us transcend this business of living, be more human, and know we are not alone.

Liz Winfield

Brennan’s poems offer a refreshing perspective on the deep value of life and the beauty that surrounds us. His honest approach and simple observations alert us to the importance of being. Thumbs up to this first collection from an interesting, emerging poet.

Karen Knight


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