Jill Jones' Ash is Here, So are Stars

ADAM AITKEN: ' These are poems where lyric is unforced and multi-voiced, and their rhythms and metaphors set the reader free of ego. ... Nothing is "observed", conversations are not simply recorded, but cleverly sampled and remixed. These poems recharge the ideals and undermine pretensions of a suburban sublime. There is a sense of play, great wit, irony, and affection. ... Jones also takes on Australian violence and ugliness, leaving certain targets shredded in collaged vista.'

Published October 2012. Perfect bound, 82 pages, gloss cover. $20 (includes postage).





Susan Austin's Undertow

TIM THORNE: 'Susan Austin's poems penetrate to the core of the human condition: the dysfunctional, the erotic, the often unnoticed magic of the everyday. Her perceptions are acute and originally presented, but what really stands out is the compassion which informs her celebration of the variousness of this world.'

Published October 2012. Perfect bound, 62 pages, matt cover. $22 (includes postage).

Poem: Bookshop capers | 'Undertow': launch speech | 'Undertow': launch photos






Cameron Hindrum's Private Conversations

Cameron Hindrum lives, writes and works in Launceston, Tasmania. He has coordinated the annual Tasmanian Poetry Festival since 2003. The Blue Cathedral, his first novel, was published in 2011 and launched at Melbourne Writers' Festival 2012. He has published poetry, short fiction and non fiction in a range of journals including IslandForty Degrees SouthFamous ReporterPendulumBlue GiraffeAskew Poetry JournalPoets Republic and Paradox, (a bilingual English-Indonesian literary journal). He won the 2008 WordStorm Poetry Slam in Darwin. Another Lost Shark Publications published the first - Private Conversations Volume 1 - of Cameron's two poetry collections to appear in 2012, with this collection - Private Conversations Volume 2 - its companion piece.

Published October 2012. Perfect bound, 34 pages, matt cover. $12.

Poem: At 3 a.m.



Nathan Curnow's and Kevin Brophy's Radar.

CATE KENNEDY: ... the necessity to always stay tuned when you're out in the world. Always have that 'radar' – heh heh - sending out those blips, I guess ... always open-eyed and open-eared for what might come back to us out of that darkness and light, going back to our desks to tune and retune ourselves, to fashion something as honestly as we can. I wish more poets had the qualities of Kevin and Nathan, to dig a little deeper and focus not just on how we're saying something but why we want to say it in the first place. Because then we find this explosion of meaning, this abundance of subject. It's all around us both in the repository of our memories and in every ordinary unnoticed thing that we turn our honest gaze to....

Published August 2012. Perfect bound, 130 pages, matt cover. $25.

Questions | A Less Personal Life | Happiness and the Times in Between | The Midwife



Famous Reporter 43

Literary journal Famous Reporter 43 - May 2012. Poetry, fiction, inteviews, launch speeches, essays, haiku, blog.

Interviews with Pete Hay, Grant Caldwell and Melanie Barnes. Launch speeches of recent books by Jane Williams, Peter McIntosh, Lyn Reeves, Stuart Solman and Peter Lach-Newinsky. Poetry by Jena Woodhouse, Michael Sharkey, Stefenie Bennett, Ron Pretty, Judith Rodriguez, Lucy Williams, Laurie Brinklow, Kathryn Lomer, Geoff Goodfellow, Dael Allison, Kit Fryatt, Tim Thorne, Brendan Ryan, Edith Speers, Les Wicks, Cameron Hindrum, Anne Kellas, Shane McCauley, Cecilia White, Susan Austin, John Kinsella, Nicola Bowery, Geoff Page, Margaret Bradstock and many others....

Published May 2012. Perfect bound, 220 pages, matt cover. $10.




DAEL ALLISON'S Fairweather's Raft

JUDITH BEVERIDGE: These finely crafted poems bring an unclouded illumination to the life and works of one of Australia's finest painters, Ian Fairweather. Dael Allison writes passionately and dramatically about one man's struggle to understand and transform his world. There is a marvellous tension in these poems between transcendence and struggle, and their expansive portrayal of Fairweather and his obsessions, makes for a complex and startling book. Allison's writing is sensitive, piercing and starkly prismatic.

Published May 2012. Perfect bound, 88 pages, matt cover. $20.




ANDREW BURKE'S Undercover of Lightness (New and selected poems)

THOMAS SHAPCOTT: Andrew Burke has made an endelible mark on our poetry over the years ... Here is a poet to hail and to treasure.

JILL JONES: This book is full of illumination, clear intelligence, music and - most welcome . a sense of humour. Burke's poems ... are peopled, full of living and speaking. ... all the great themes of love and mortality are made fresh and real.

Published March 2012. Perfect bound, 158 pages, matt cover. $25.

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